ESG Global, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project

A microbial enterprise

ESG Global partner GL Plus established the first microbial food processor and continues to study microorganisms that can decompose biodegradable plastics and microorganisms specialized in various foods.


Waste Resource System

It is a system that decomposes and extinguishes food and biodegradable plastics through microorganisms, and resources by-products into compost and feed to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases that may occur during waste treatment.


An environmental improvement plant farm

It has a practical greenhouse gas reduction effect by cultivating environmental improvement plants that have excellent ability to absorb carbon dioxide and fine dust.


Production of raw materials for eco-friendly products

Environmental improvement plants are not only used as eco-friendly feed, but are also used as raw materials for various eco-friendly products such as biodegradable plastics, cathode materials for secondary batteries, activated carbon, eco-friendly pulp, and agricultural films.


Supporting carbon neutrality practices

Through the carbon neutral app, we collect data that have been implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our lives and compensate and support them with ESGG. ESGG can gain exchange value through transactions between individuals as well as a variety of uses.


Carbon-neutral ecosystems

Mainnet, built by the ESG Global team, will have the appearance and function of a new concept of carbon neutral ecosystem. From resource circulation systems, carbon neutral apps, dedicated shopping malls, NFT malls, and tokens that support the ecosystem, we provide consistent services and functions for realizing carbon neutrality.


Goal of Step-by-Step Expansion for ESG Global Projects


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